An Ultreya is a reunion of Cursillo attendees. The Ultreya makes the Cursillo a movement by linking and binding the groups into a backbone for Christian life in society and installs a sense of being a people called to evangelize.

We are all at different points in our spiritual journey. The Ultreya gives us the opportunity to learn and be motivated and energized by more mature Cursillistas while we provide nourishment to those less mature than we are.

The Ultreya gathers together groups from a particular region and provides continuity by contributing to the maintenance of the Cursillo spirit and by revealing the reality of the living Church.

In a climate of friendship, members share their life experiences based on the three tenets of Cursillo life: i.e.: Prayer, Study, and Action, or based on a passage from Scripture. This sharing can be contemplative in nature or may deal with an evangelizing experience. These sharings from real-life experiences, serve as examples to all of us of the challenge which Jesus lays before His followers: “Go and do likewise.”

As its name implies, the Ultreya is a call to move forward and to keep the flame of the Cursillo burning brightly.