Arise is a Weekend Catholic Faith Experience, a program of the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi. Biloxi is located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. However, Arise Weekends are open to all, including those living outside of Southern Mississippi, and participants have included persons from neighboring states.

Arise Weekends are held at various times each year. Each Arise Weekend begins on a Friday evening and ends on the following Sunday afternoon.

Who may attend

Arise is sponsored by the Cursillo Movement of South Mississippi, another program of the Diocese of Biloxi. Whereas Cursillo is limited to Catholics, Arise is designed with the non-Catholic in mind. Arise is designed primarily for these groups of persons who would like to receive additional information, about the Catholic Faith in a short period (one weekend):

  • Non-Catholic spouses of practicing Catholics
  • Catholics who have been away from the Church for a while
  • Those without a current church/religion who are “searching” for a new or more meaningful Faith experience
  • Those taking instruction in the Catholic Faith

Arise is a Weekend Experience for anyone wanting to learn more about the Catholic Faith. Persons active in another Faith are very welcome to attend. However, Arise was designed primarily for those who are “searching” for a more meaningful Faith, or who are married to a Catholic. It is designed for adults, although in some instances, very mature older teenagers may be able to attend.

Format of the Arise Weekend

This is a low-key, enjoyable, thought-provoking, relaxed weekend “away from it all.” The weekend is conducted by a team of lay persons, assisted by some members of the clergy. Time for informal discussion will be held after each talk. Dress is very informal and you will be well fed (3 full meals on Saturday and 2 on Sunday), along with snacks and drinks throughout the weekend.


There is no cost for the weekend. Your weekend, including food, is made possible entirely due to contributions by those interested in this weekend experience. Your only required contribution is your time spent away from the stresses of the world.