Cursillo and Beyond

Cursillo and Beyond is intended to support growth and understanding of the Cursillo Method within The Cursillo Movement of South MS. Please be a bringing a friend...!

We (cursillistas) will gather together in the spirit of friendship to promote friendship with each other through our common belief in Jesus Christ. The Cursillo community is a gathering of friends with a two-fold purpose: to live out what is fundamental to being a Christian, and to share Christianity with the world - to evangelize!

We will be promoting desire, participation, and understanding of the Charism of the Cursillo Movement. Cursillo and Beyond gatherings will include (at minimum): prayer, group reunion, Doctrinal Rollo, Technique Rollo, Section (Pre-Cursillo, 3-day Cursillo, Postcursillo), announcments, and closing prayer.

We will attempt to meet on the Second Saturday of every month with consideration for Holidays and other events. The location will change based on who is hosting that month.