Remembering Those Who Have Passed On

Any questions or request should be submitted to the Cursillo Movement of South Mississippi
Cursillo Movement of South Mississippi, P.O. Box 7450, D’Iberville, MS, 39450 | EMAIL | 228-382-3215

We would like to provide special opportunities within the movement to pray for and remember our deceased Cursillistas; as well as Family and Friends.

The History of 5th Day Cursillistas

At an earlier point in time, The Cursillo Movement of South Mississippi did in fact remember deceased Cursillistas. The deceased were listed on “wooden type / book style” plaques which were posted on walls of the Sacred Heart Center. Currently these plaques are located in a storage area under the stage of the center and not being displayed any longer.

Since 1994 and again in the mid 2000’s; The Movement has approved two special Programs that will help us to keep in our heart, memory and prayers; those who have gone on before us, to their final reward. These memorials are clearly defined in order that Our Friends in Christ will always be remembered. The two special Programs are “5th Day Cursillistas” and “A Program of Remembrance”



5th Day Cursillistas

As Our Cursillistas Earthly journey (4th Day) is completed and they begin their eternal life with God, we refer to them as Our 5th Day Cursillistas. Upon their passing we ask that the name of the deceased Cursillistas be forwarded to the Secretariat in order that they are listed as a 5th Day Cursillistas. Thus, their name will be listed, accordingly.

Masses are offered for our 5th Day Cursillistas at different times through the year at various parishes. Please consult the Events Calendar of the website for dates and locations. Let us continue to pray for these loving friends...

Program of Remembrance.

This program is provided as an opportunity for the Family and Friends of Deceased Love Ones to have them remembered at Masses, Meditations, Rosaries and Prayers throughout a Cursillo, Arise or Return Weekend. All request and responses are sent to, processed and mailed by the Lay Director or his/her designee.

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